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TV + wifi

TV: Rooms don't have TVs but our common area does.


Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is usually weak at our property due to our location. However, we have observed that Wi-Fi is much better at night, especially in the main living room.


Our staff hours are 7 AM - 9 PM. Therefore, our dining hours are 8 AM - 8.30 PM. In the event that you desire to have dinner after 8.30 PM, our service staff will prepare it for you at 8.30 PM and keep it ready at our dining room for your convenience.

managing expectations

We are a boutique hotel inside India's oldest tea estate where you can walk all day through 1,600 acres of private estate and then return to luxury at night at an affordable price. Our estate covers tea plantations, villages, forests, rivers, flora, fauna and spectacular views (including those of 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world) that you must enjoy and explore during your stay with us. In reality, these are what you are paying for -- not just a room. Please also note:

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