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Please refer to the following payment methods, guidelines and cancellation policy before making a reservation.



If You Cancel: If you cancel more than 30 days before arrival, you get a full refund*, unless your booking falls partially/wholly within non-refundable dates (30 Sep - 9 Oct 2022, 23 Dec - 5 Jan). If you cancel <= 30 days before arrival, you get no refund.

*We refund 100% of what we receive in INR ((including tea purchases included in your booking), minus transaction fees, in < 15 business days for regular reservations (< 21 room nights) and in < 45 business days for long-term reservations (> 20 room nights or equivalent). 

If We Cancel: In some exceptional circumstances, we may cancel your reservation. These are mentioned below.
If We Cancel Due To COVID-19: Due to the current global situation regarding COVID-19, it is possible that key members of our hospitality management and staff (we are a 17-member team) may contract COVID-19 or show related symptoms at any time. In such a situation, we may have to temporarily close down, causing us to reschedule your reservation due to Force Majeure. The rescheduling is subject to availability and chargeable price differences on the new dates, but is flexible to anytime in the following 365 days (starting from 16 days after the rescheduling email), allows name changes, allows usage of units individually (i.e. if you have a 5 day booking, you can reschedule to 2 bookings of 3 and 2 days respectively). There is no refund applicable in such a case. The rescheduling period can also be extended on request, as long as the request is also emailed to us within 365 days after the rescheduling email.
If We Cancel Because of Force Majeure: Please refer to the paragraph above.


We confirm reservations upon receiving the 100% of the total charges in advance. We block rooms for a maximum of 8 hours, during which time you can complete your payment.

Indian Customers: We accept payments via cash, card (2% convenience fee is chargeable), bank transfer (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS), and UPI.

Overseas Customers: We accept payments via cash, card (4% convenience fee is chargeable)and bank transfer (via TransferWise).

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